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Where can I buy a wool cutter?

There are several reputable manufacturers of rug hooking wool cutters. Simply google the term and some options come up. Right now we mostly use Honeydoo cutters. http://www.honeydoocutter.com/

Who repairs or restores old hooked rugs?

We do not do repairs as old hooked rugs require specialized care when repairing, For Hooked Rug Restoration and Repair you can contact Mary Vaughn Rug Restoration at 902-685-3343.

How high should my loops be?

I hook so that my loops are between one quarter and one half an inch high but that is what I am comfortable with. You should create your own rhythm and tension through practice. There is no steadfast rule on the height of your loops. I get that “popcorn” effect by relaxing my arms when I hook, and by using thick, soft wools that are full of texture

Should I hook every loop?

No. If you hook in every hole with primitive hooking your rug will not lay flat and will probably curl. Depending on the thickness and width of your cloth, every second to third hole is a good general rule.

How do I hang a hooked rug?

I use map pins to hang my rugs, putting the pins right through the rug into the gyprock. It works well, here is a little how to video on hanging hooked rugs.If your walls are wood, you can put a row of fine nails into the wall and lay the binding over the nails.

What kind of hook should I get?

The hook is really about how the handle feels in your hand. Make sure it feels comfortable. I still use the hook I learned on which is a very fine hook but can be used to pull wide strips of cloth.

What kind of wool should I buy when I go to second hand stores?

Look for 80 to 100 percent wool. I avoid serge as they can be hard to work with. I use them but not frequently. Skirt weight wool does not ravel. I like blankets, and coats as well, though many people prefer lighter weights of wool. The only way you will learn what you really like to work with is by experimenting with a variety of wools.

Does it have to be wool?

You can hook with many different fabrics and yarns. I prefer wool because I like the texture and effect it gives. It is also a natural fibre which I enjoy working with. The key is to enjoy handling the fabric you choose to work with. Many people hook with yarn, nylons, silks, polar fleece, t-shirts, polyester etc. Each fabric has different levels of durability and gives a different effect when it is hooked. It never hurts to play around with different fabrics.

Where do you get your ideas?

I get my ideas from all around me. I use all my senses to get ideas. Sometimes it is hearing a song or a story, sometimes I see it, sometimes it is the feel of a piece of wool, occasionally a smell triggers an idea. I try to be an observer, watching and listening to the world around me because if I am not I might miss a great idea. Many people tell me that once they started rug hooking they started seeing the world differently, noticing the many shades of greens. I think it is really wonderful that through our rug hooking , we are also given the gift of observation, and can see more clearly because of it.

How do you bind a rug?

If a rug is going on the floor I like to use black cotton, one and a half inch twill tape. I hand sew this around the edge of the pattern. When the hooking is done I roll the excess binding under the twill tape and sew it along the back side.I do not mitre the corners as it makes them pointy and unnatural. If I am putting a rug on the wall I like to fold the excess burlap on the back of the rug and hand sew it all around. When a rug is on the wall I like the rug to lay right against the wall instead of having a binding around the edge. These are the two method I use to finish my rugs.